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citizenM Taipei Northgate, a chic design boutique hotel

    I can’t help but gush over the beautiful and interesting interior of citizenM Taipei Northgate. While the ground floor is unassuming, it’s the second floor that amazes. And the different guest rooms are impressive too.

    citizenM design boutique hotels is a Netherlands based chain known for its unique interiors. It first opened in 2008 near the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Over the years, several properties in major cities around the world have been built. The citizenM Taipei Northgate is the 11th and their first foray in Asia. This boutique hotel is known for its unique design approach to its properties with works by local artists incorporated in the interior.

    The entire second floor of the citizenM Taipei Northgate building is one longitudinal strip. The dining area is at one end. The buffet area and the bar are in the middle. The lounging area at the opposite end has a living room ambience where you can relax or entertain or just hang out. The colors, the lamps’s different shapes, the varied Vitra furniture, the decors… I can go on and on. It’s an amazing work in this city.

    Taipei experience

    I first saw this hotel while searching for accommodations online for my trip to Taipei. What characterizes citizenM is that there is just one design for the rooms but are comfortable with wide windows for amazing views. In suite controls are done with an Ipad Mini. It’s other characteristic is the interestingly designed lobby that is hip and chic. Buffet breakfasts are served and there’s canteenM, a 24 hour canteen/bar. Check stay experience in my travel blog at Langyaw.

    A well appointed location

    For this Asian branch, this designer boutique hotel in Taipei is well appointed. It is just near the Taipei Main Station and Ximending is just a short walk away. There are lots of small restaurants and coffeeshops as well as street food around the vicinity. It’s also close to an MRT station. You can even walk to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and 228 Peace Park.

    Its mainly targeted for the millennial crowd for its highly Instagrammable interiors and rooms. For a design enthusiast and architecture photographer like me, it’s indeed a great find.

    citizenM Taipei Northgate
    citizenM Taipei Northgate
    citizenM Taipei Northgate
    citizenM Taipei Northgate

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