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Getting serious with my stock photography with Alamy

    I have been with Alamy stock photography for around 10 years already and it is only this year that I’m taking it seriously. LOL. Yeah. Truth of the matter is that for the past 9 years or so, I have only uploaded less than 300 images. Total, it only gained me around $4,000+ gross. Minus the commissions and stuff, that boils down to around $2,000. Sad. I could have earned more. But anyway, it’s never too late to upload stock photography images. And that’s why, since around two months ago, with nothing much to do during this pandemic, I have now around 1,700+ images being sold as stock photography in Alamy. More are still coming as I am still selecting and editing images.

    It’s a bit of a chore, really. After the selection and editing, uploading is another struggle especially that Philippine internet is bad. Upload errors resulting in rejected images is my pet peeve. Then comes the hard part: keywording. Finding the right keywords to make my photos visible. And for Alamy to consider it as well optimized, I have to provide 50. That’s a lot! I would want to explore other stock sites though but still not sure what.

    Anyway, I do hope I will earn more with this Alamy stock photography thing. My images are a mix of Architecture, travel, food. And others. Do check out my Alamy stock photography portfolio link: ALAMY PORTFOLIO PAGE.

    Alamy stock photography
    Some of my 1,700+ images in Alamy