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Sabong Pax de Deux

    This is an offshoot of a series of images of a cockfight in Cebu City in 2010. Compared to the previous post, I still retained the square format but this time, instead of a black and white series of images, I opted to retain the color. I then decided to up the contrast that popped up the saturation. This is still part of an experiment I did way back in 2010, a continuation of the black and white series. The pax de deux is a popular dance duet, typically seen in ballets and there have been several suites made for this type of dance.

    In this sabong series, I likened the cockfight as a pax de deux, albiet a deadly dance to the death. Two cockfighters face at the middle of the arena with their animals. They then lay it on the earth and after a designated signal, release the birds to fight. Within a few minutes, one cock or even both becomes badly injured or falls dead as the very sharp blade tied to one of the legs pierces or slices flesh. It’s a bit macabre, and not for the faint of heart.

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