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Scarred Busuanga Landscape

    Back in 2005, I was traveling from Puerto Princesa to Coron in Busuanga aboard a small plane for a company outing. From work in the capital of Palawan, I joined my staff in Busuanga for a few days of R&R. The flight was short and as the plane started it’s descent to the Busuanga Airport, it circled a few minutes affording me closer view of the surrounding area.

    Busuanga Island is one of the major island in the Calamianes group in northern Palawan. It’s the main accesspoint to this part of the province and is known for its dive sites, jump off point to several islands, the historic Culion Island, Calauit and to both Barracuda and Kayangan Lake. While most tourists and visitors go to the islands outlying islands, the interior of Busuanga is more of ranchland.

    The plane circled around the area of the airport and I saw for myself the various conditions of the environment. While there is still much forest cover in the low hills, there are several areas that have been disturbed and cleared. A rough road has cut through the woods while plains have been turned to grazing land.