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Photoessay: VP Leni Robredo grand rally in Cebu

    Vice President Leni Robredo visited Cebu with her team last 24 February at the Southwestern University-PHINMA ballpark. The VP is the leading opposition candidate and lone woman vying for the presidency. This was one of her campaign sorties in the Visayas with Senator Kiko Pangilinan, her running mate and some senatorial candidates. The crowd of supporters and volunteers were mostly wearing pink shirts or face masks. Some were carrying pink balloons. Pink, by the way, is her campaign color.

    I arrived at the venue almost 1600H with already a gathering crowd. I positioned myself at the center, just a meter away from the stage barrier to have a better vantage point. There were short speeches by the candidates and songs and dances by artists. What I did notice was that most were from the Youth sector belonging to different volunteer groups. There were those coming from the different municipalities of Cebu too.

    By 1900H, the crowd started to go agog when Senator Kiko came to the stage followed by VP Leni Robredo. Their speeches was followed by a concert.

    Leni Robredo in Cebu
    Supporters assemble infront of a video wall put up at the Aznar Coliseum for a photo op
    Leni Robredo in Cebu
    Supporters wearing VP Leni Robredo’s campaign color along Osmena Boulevard
    Leni Robredo in Cebu
    Volunteer supporters of VP Leni Robredo hours before the start of the grand rally in Cebu
    Leni Robredo in Cebu
    VP Leni Robredo has embraced lugaw (porridge) that detractors have called her and has been adopted by volunteer supporters. The local dish is popular as a morning meal and often served not only in her campaign sortees but also in calamity reach outs across the country.
    Youth supporters at the Southwestern University ballpark where the Cebu grand rally of VP Leni Robredo was held
    Filipino actor, singer and songwriter Juan Karlos Labajo, a fellow Cebuano, serenaded supporters of VP Leni Robredo at the grand rally in Cebu
    Senator Leila de Lima
    Senator Leila de Lima speaks to supporters during the VP Leni Robredo grand rally in Cebu. Incarcerated by the present administration on trumped up charges, she’s running for reelection.
    Supporters, mostly from the Youth sector gathered at the Southwestern University for VP Leni Robredo’s grand rally in Cebu
    Leni Robredo in Cebu
    Vice President Leni Robredo in her trademark campaign color onstage at the Cebu grand rally.
    Leni Robredo in Cebu
    A supporter flashes the ‘L’ sign while Senator Kiko Pangilinan, VP Leni’s Vice Presidential candidate, was speaking in the background. The hand sign was popularized when Cory ran for the presidency in 1986.