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Spacious and cozy Airbnb Batangas house

    I photographed this spacious and cozy Airbnb Batangas house way back in 2015 and I love it’s yellow interiors, rustic furniture and overall vibe!

    One of the reasons I love shooting Airbnbs was the chance of visiting houses, taking a peek into the lives of people through their homes and photographing these spaces in the best light possible. I’ve photographed over 1,000 Airbnb listings over the years and shooting a big house is one of the most satisfying thigs to do! This vacation house in Lian, Batangas is just one of several that I have been to in the province.

    It’s cozy and inviting. The yellow walls gives it a warmth that is both inviting and nurturing, perfect vibe for a vacation house. I do love the rustic touches like the furniture that can be found in the rooms and in the living spaces. Gorgeous tiles decorate the riser of the stairs as the iron railing lends it an old feel. Photographing this Airbnb Batangas house was one of the most satisfying I have done.

    I’m Stan and I help Airbnb hosts get more bookings thru professional Airbnb Photography for their listings. I have photographed over 1,000 Airbnb listings in six countries. Better images mean more bookings.

    Let me help you showcase your space. Message me.

    Airbnb batangas home
    Those tiles at the steps!
    Airbnb batangas home
    Living space
    Airbnb batangas home
    Love the vibe in this house
    Airbnb batangas home
    Kitchen lunette
    Airbnb batangas home
    One of the rooms of this Airbnb Batangas home
    Airbnb batangas home
    Yellow walls, rustic cabinets
    Airbnb batangas home
    Spacious room
    Airbnb batangas house
    Facade of this vacation house
    Outside of this big house
    Plush pillows