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Photoessay: practice at a Manila kendo club

    This Manila kendo club offers classes to Filipinos in three locations in Luzon.

    One such club in the Philippines, Iga Kendo Club, offers this popular Japanese martial art. I visited their practice area, the Arena Fitness Gym in Quezon City one afternoon to see for myself and take photos as well. The club was founded by Sensei Koji Igarashi, a 5th dan kendoka from Tokyo. It offers beginner and intermediate instructions on kendo.

    Kendo is fascinating and kind of mysterious, something that I’ve seen in action only in movies. Behind the seeming mystery and grace is discipline and calculated tenacity that makes one in awe. And this is a photoessay of that visit.

    Manila kendo club
    Beginners and intermediate kendokas at the gym for practice
    Manila kendo club
    Sensei Koji Igarashi, a 5th dan kendoka from Tokyo, founder of Iga Kendo Club
    Kendokas listening to their sensei before practice
    Back of a kendoka uniform with the hakama secured
    Kendokas at this Manila kendo club preparing for practice
    Manila kendo club
    Peng, a kendoka in his forties prepares to put on his men, a kendoka mask
    Kendokas before practice
    A kendoka ready for practice
    Gym of the Arena Fitness Club as kendo practice venue
    Manila kendo club
    A tense practice session with their shinai, a kendo bamboo sword