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The Sto Nino novena procession

    The Sto Nino novena procession is one of the most anticipated religious events that kicks off in January in time for the Sinulog Festival. This is the feast of the Sto Nino de Cebu which falls on the third Sunday of the month. The nine day novena starts with a foot procession dubbed Walk with Jesus from Fuente Osmena with a great number of devotees walking towards the minor basilica.

    Cebu is the center of devotion for the venerated image of the Sto Nino which literally translates to Holy Child. It is believed that this image was brought by Ferdinand Magellan when he came in 1521. The novena days always start with a foot procession at dawn and culminates at a grand afternoon procession around Cebu City on the eve of the feast day.

    The Sto Nino de Cebu feast day in Cebu is just one of several major religious festivals in the Philippines that happens in the month of January. In Manila, Quiapo is the center of festivities for the Black Nazarene. But around the country, there are several that are dedicated to the Sto Nino alone. There’s the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo, the Atiatihan Festival in Kalibo, the Ati-ati Festival in Ibajay, Aklan. Tondo (Manila), Tacloban (Leyte) have also their own. And many, many more.

    This is part of my Filipino Faith series.

    Sto Nino novena procession
    Old woman devotee
    Sto Nino novena procession
    One of several women devotees carrying their Sto Nino
    Sto Nino novena procession
    Images of faith and devotion during the Sto Nino novena procession
    Sto Nino novena procession
    Raising their hands in homage to the Sto Nino
    Candles on hand
    A makeshift roadside altar is a common sight during the Sto Nino novena procession

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