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‘The New Cathedrals’ in South Korea

    In 2016, my personal documentary photography work, The New Cathedrals was included in the 15th Donggang International Photo Festival in Yeongwul, South Korea. Exhibited under the Heaven on Earth section where it showcased works with a theme under Faith and Religion by selected photographers around the world.

    Although my personal documentary works have been exhibited in other photography festival before, it was only the second time that I was personally there at the venue. The first one was Photoquai (2013) in Paris, France.

    Donggang International Photo Festival

    Started in 2022:

    …is a representative photo festival with a wide range of participants, such as photography enthusiasts, national and international photographers, and the residents of Yeongwol, Gangwon-do. The festival is comprised of the Main Exhibition, DongGang Photography Award Exhibition, International Open Call, Photojournalists Exhibition, Gangwon Province Photographers Exhibition, Yeongwol County Photographers Exhibition, Elementary School Photo Diary Exhibition, Street Installation Exhibition and Workshop

    – from the festival website.

    The organizers sponsored this trip. It’s also a great experience to be there as I got to meet other featured photographers, well of course, travel to a new country as well as see other photography works on exhibit.

    Thanx to this invitation, I was able to travel for the first time to South Korea. 🙂

    Donggang International Photo Festival
    Text as well as part of the exhibit. This shows the mass held at the activity center of Ayala Center Cebu
    Donggang International Photo Festival
    ‘The New Cathedrals’ work as exhibited
    Donggang International Photo Festival
    A visitor looks at my ‘The New Cathedrals’ work
    Visitors during the exhibit
    Donggang International Photo Festival
    My work was part of the ‘Heaven on Earth’ section that tackled about faith and religion
    Donggang International Photo Festival
    Accompanying text about ‘The New Cathedrals’ work
    Opening day of the Donggang International Photo Festival in 2016