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Busy filling out the portfolio website pages

    I’m now a month into home quarantine and I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. One activity that I’ve been doing the past two weeks is working on this portfolio website. Filling in content does take a while. With the different sections of the portfolio website pages like Travel, Architecture, Projects and Stories needing the images that I have.

    portfolio website
    Photo mosaic screenshot of Travel portfolio page

    It’s not really easy. I have to pour over my photo archive with tens of thousands of images stretching from 2005 to present. Making selection from images that I think might be good in the portfolio website. From the selection, I have to check again the images and remove those that I don’t want. From hundreds of selected photos, down to less than 70. Then I have to work on each photo thru editing in Lightroom then on Photoshop before uploaded to this site. I do have images that have been saved as a Photoshop document or PSD already that only needs a small bit of tinkering.

    Getting these pages filled up

    So far, I’ve worked on the Travel, Architecture and Published pages. The Architecture page was a bit challenging as I had a selection of about 400 images, culled it down to 200 and now I have uploaded around 70 photos. The Travel page has around 60 images. On the other hand, the Published page had me pouring over old magazines. While Mabuhay magazine is online, the rest need to be photographed.

    I still need to decide on how to display both Project and Stories as I want to have a specific format but not sure if its possible. One thing is that WordPress pages can’t be categorized unless a plugin is used. Second, if I will use posts, I might have to remove the sidebar.

    Still more things to prepare and do with this portfolio website. But then, I do need to do this to keep sane while on home quarantine.